A woman on the last day of her marriage tries to figure out what to do with her wedding ring.

The short played in festivals internationally and on STV in Sweden, Short Shorts in Japan (theatrical), Virgin Airlines, NBC Universal in Italy, Condé Nast/Glamour in the US/Canada and Shot TV in Russia.

Excerpt from The Ring Cycle, starring Natalie Dormer.

"The “Game of Thrones” star brings female empowerment to Glamour’s Movie Night series in this melancholy comedy from Condé Nast Entertainment." - Indiewire


Liberate your dreams


A musical love story

featuring some of the greatest jazz songs ever written

set in New York City


written and directed by Erin Cramer


SELF-STORAGE is a musical, a bittersweet interracial love story about two struggling jazz musicians in New York, trying to pursue their dreams even as real life gets in the way. 

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